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Theatre in Education

With more than a decade of experience working in the field of Theatre In Education, I'm able to build a quick rapport and trust with young people. My speciality is creating new work– devising, writing and directing pieces of theatre that emerge from the ideas, hopes and aspirations of the students I work with.

As well conducting my own programs, I have delivered workshops across Australia for Bell Shakespeare, Queensland Theatre, La Boite Theatre Company, and ATYP.

The majority of my work has been with young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. I’ve worked with students in the Northern Territory for whom English is a second or third language, successfully guiding them to performing in English on stage. I was also the head of acting at The Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts in Brisbane, working with and directing tertiary level performers.

The heart of my work can be seen in my documentary Cunnamulla Dreaming, which was aired on NITVVisit the Cunnamulla Dreaming site for more information.

I believe the concept of self-expression inherent in performing arts education instils a conviction that 'My Voice Matters'. Performing Arts education can empower young people and imbues a sense of self-belief through achievement. I've been able to encourage and nurture this in a wide range of situations, from TESOL students, refugees, young people in juvenile justice centres to students in exclusive private schools.

Read my detailed work history here.

I work closely with the school, youth theatre company or institution I am engaged with to tailor programs specific to need. Whether a performance-based outcome, a full-scale production or a curriculum-based workshop, I work with the students to:

  • Deconstruct the concept of shame
  • Strive for excellence
  • Allow the individual to find value in their own voice
  • Develop confidence
  • Develop discipline
  • Commit to a performance as an individual and to the group as a whole
  • Develop creativity and imagination
  • Understand the importance of working together and supporting each other

My workshops include:

  • Playbuilding
  • Collaborating with students to devise their own work
  • Group Devised Drama
  • Creating new work
  • Writing, devising and directing skills
  • Improvising
  • Performance coaching
  • Acting techniques
  • Monologue Work
  • Scene work

"Peter has an ability to connect with students in a way that I have rarely seen in the most accomplished classroom practitioners. He had the ability to cut through social taboos and discuss shame openly, allowing students to realise the hold it had on their lives and change it."

Molly Moyes, Collarenebri Central School

Jeremy Ambrum


Peter was my acting teacher whilst I was completing my Advanced Diploma in performing arts. His greatest strength, in my opinion, is being able to challenge his students to bring out the best in themselves. He was also unique as a teacher because he could cater to your individual needs whilst still being able to teach the class as a whole.

Rachel Biggs,

Teacher – Cunnamulla State School.

Pete can take a kid who has never performed before and get them up on stage performing in front of the whole school in a week.

It’s a rare skill.

APAC drama workshop
Cunnamulla workshop

Story telling is an art form. We can all learn the skills and tools necessary to speak with clarity, honesty, authenticity and passion.

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