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Performance and preparation

As well as an actor, theatre maker and teacher, I am a drama coach for film, TV and theatre actors. I work with professional performers and young actors through to HSC students and young hopefuls auditioning for drama schools.

I was the personal drama coach for Jessica Mauboy on the top rating show The Secret daughter. I was specifically requested by the start-up director of the series, Leah Purcell, to prepare the lead actress for her role and equip her with the tools necessary to carry the show with confidence.

I work closely with directors to draw out the performance they are looking for and can work as a conduit between director and performer when direction gets lost in translation.

I use all the tools available to me from my fifteen years as a professional actor and educator to help draw out the performance that the director is looking for in each moment.

I aim to give a wholistic coaching experience that allows performers to grow in their performance.

I have a great ability to equip newcomers to the film and TV world by giving them a toolbelt of acting techniques to use in their performance, and guiding them to find a personal connection to the material.

Some of the work I do with actors includes:

  • Scene analysis and breakdown of beats in the script
  • Strategies to allow performer to find ways into each scene
  • Serving the writing
  • Serving the director's vision
  • Working on actions and objectives for particular scenes
  • Finding depth and variety in character choices
  • Developing strategies to communicate different thoughts with each new idea
  • Developing an understanding of different approaches to performance
  • Character development including emotional arc, physicality and vocal work
  • Instilling a sense of confidence and self-belief
  • Allowing the performer to make strong, personal, creative choices that empower their sense of ownership over their work

"One of Peter’s greatest qualities as a drama coach is his ability to get the best out of each and every person he works with."


Jess Mauboy

Peter Cook has been a wonderful drama coach and mentor while filming The Secret Daughter. His wealth of creativity, in-depth understanding on how to execute various acting techniques allows you to lift your craft to the next level. I feel privileged to have worked with an incredible mentor like Peter and take those skills he has imparted and continue to grow and develop and share with future creative generations.

Leonie Whyman

It was great having Peter on set as our drama coach. I was a young actor back then and he helped keep me focused . I could always go to him with any questions I had about the script or what the director was asking me to do. He breaks it down and makes it really simple and relatable.

Photo of Jessica Mauboy, actor, The Secret Daughter
Leonie Whyman

Story telling is an art form. We can all learn the skills and tools necessary to speak with clarity, honesty, authenticity and passion.

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