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Public speaking workshops

talkitup is a public speaking course based on the art of the actor. It synergises the craft of acting into the skills required to be a successful public speaker. It is this blend of creative self-expression and the knowledge of what is required to be a successful presenter in the work place that makes it the only course of its kind in Australia.

Focusing on the fundamental elements of performance, the course allows participants to grow into polished speakers and communicators.

talkitup acknowledges the fear of public speaking that many people have and provides techniques to control their nervous energy and present confidently.

So often when we listen to people speak, it becomes apparent that no matter the subject matter, if the speaker cannot engage us, their message is lost. A great speaker can turn bland subject matter into an entertaining and interesting presentation by being able to properly structure a speech and knowing how to perform it.

talkitup uses professional acting techniques, exercises from professional acting training, incremental learning and a streamlined curriculum to create an experience that allows the participants to discover their inner performer and deliver presentations and speeches confidently.

Through highly personalised training focused on each person’s strengths, talkitup allows participants to find their authentic voice and embrace who they are when communicating in front of an audience.

The benefits of having strong and confident communicators in an organisation are self-evident, but it’s the intangible benefits and outcomes of the training that make the most difference in an organisation from day to day. The gains in the soft skill set and interpersonal skills developed throughout the course can be applied everyday, from workshop one.

I work closely with the organisation that is engaging me to ensure I am delivering a course that is meeting their needs and I adapt the curriculum to create bespoke workshops focusing on what area of communication the client believes needs the most attention.

Participants not only finish the course as better speakers but with increased confidence, improved leadership capabilities and a skill set they can apply to all forms of communication which allow them to effectively deliver their message in any situation. Private coaching is also available.

talkitup covers:

  • Breathing and voice technique
  • Conquering nervous energy
  • The body in performance
  • Objectives and actions
  • Structuring your speech
  • Knowing your audience
  • Rehearsal techniques
  • Performance

"The course was interactive, engaging, hands on and provided me with great resources to use after the course. I really valued how Peter helped me and my fellow participants in finding our own strengths and tailored the course to help us each individually reach our full potential."

Cate Purcell


It has been an amazing journey, thanks so much for your patience and your agility in wrangling us all.

Big thanks for helping me find the control button on my volume and for finding my confidence.

Ming-Jung Kim


A couple of weeks ago, I was thinking about the wonderful course I received from you. I gave a speech and had wonderful feedback from people. I learned that speaking in public is a performance and this helped me to improve a lot. Thank you!

Marnie Ogg


Thanks very much for your time and effort in getting us all out of our comfort zone.
It was a little nerve wracking, but an experience that I very much appreciated.

Peter Cook Talk It Up public speaking workshops
Peter Cook Talk It up Public Speaking

Story telling is an art form. We can all learn the skills and tools necessary to speak with clarity, honesty, authenticity and passion.

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